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Proficient in Guitar, Bass, and Synthesizers, I delve into cinematic depths, evoke retro vibes, create ambient atmospheres, and craft captivating beats. Music is not just a skill for me; it is my life, infusing passion and dedication into every note.

Producer /Composer

A freelance composer, Filippo intricately weaves diverse musical styles—from cinematic epics to retro allure—enhancing a spectrum of creative projects with a touch of musical versatility and artistic richness.


With a focus on adaptive music, the expertise lies in crafting personalized soundscapes. This proficiency reflects a readiness and adaptability to undertake new projects across various mediums, with a commitment to professionalism and collaboration.

Music is not just a skill for me, it is my life, infusing passion and dedication into every note.

I'm Filippo, an Italian freelance music composer, and I'm thrilled to share a bit about my musical journey with you.
It's been a rich tapestry of experiences, blending various musical influences from my early collaborations with a Funk ensemble and further honing my improvisational skills, including collaborations with various Jam Band. As a Guitarist in these formations, I've had the opportunity to delve into and enrich my musical style through diverse and multifaceted experiences.

My exploration of electronic sounds has been an organic evolution, leading me to craft soundtracks for fictional films and albums that delve into the sonic realms of my craft. Each composition is a meticulous sonic exploration, aimed at evoking emotions and transporting listeners through time.

In the realm of soundtracks and evocative compositions, I see myself as a modern sonic explorer, unearthing treasures that bridge the past and future. My music invites you on a journey through enigmatic corridors of time and imagination, drawing inspiration from various sources.

Renowned for versatility, I am available to craft captivating soundscapes for video games, film & TV, podcasts & YouTube, and marketing videos/commercials. My proficiency spans a diverse range of musical styles, from cinematic depth to retro/chiptune allure, groovy funk vibes, pulsating electronic beats, and captivating ambient soundscapes.

Specifically, my expertise lies in evocative, ambient, and emotional atmospheres, as well as drone music and mysterious compositions. Drawing inspiration from Guitar, Bass, and Synthesizers, I bring a unique blend of instrumental richness to my compositions.

Feel free to explore my discography to get a taste of my work, and delve into my credits to understand the breadth of my musical expertise. Whether you're seeking the perfect soundtrack or envisioning a bespoke musical piece, I'm here to bring your vision to life. Reach out, and let's discuss your next creative venture.

I'm looking forward to the opportunity of collaborating with you on your musical journey. Thanks a million, Filippo.

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