Soul's Spectrum

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Soul's Spectrum" presents a meticulously crafted soundtrack that beautifully echoes the iconic sounds of the Super Nintendo era. In response to Anthony Sinatra's vision as the developer of the game, I harnessed the power of CHIPSYNTH SFC from Plogue, faithfully emulating the SNES audio chip, Sony SPC700. The result is a nostalgic yet refreshing soundtrack, blending 16-bit samples and eight-voice layering—a genuine homage to classic gaming. Now available on Steam, "Soul's Spectrum" beckons players into an immersive experience, where the essence of SNES-style music seamlessly adapts to the gameplay, enhancing the overall gaming journey. Dive into the pixelated wonders: Steam Link: Souls Spectrum

As the composer, my goal was not only to capture the charm of the SNES era but also to introduce an adaptive soundtrack. The music dynamically shifts in response to the protagonist's transformation, offering a unique auditory experience tailored to the player's progression. Navigating technical constraints, I have also crafted the sound effects to complement the soundtrack, aiming to deliver an immersive gaming audio experience. My goal is to pay homage to the golden age of gaming audio while evolving with the player's journey. Immerse yourself in the harmonious marriage of nostalgia and innovation as you explore the ever-changing world of "Soul's Spectrum".

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